Ingrid Melve

[picture Ingrid] Ingrid Melve
Telephone: +47-7355-7907
Fax: +47-7355-7901
UNINETT, N-7465 Trondheim, Norway


I work for UNINETT, the Norwegian academic network provider.

Cross-Institutional Autentication

FEIDE is establishing a common electronic ID for all academic users in Norway. My part is the cross-institutional authentication and authorization.

Greater NOrdic MIddleware Symposium 1-2 November 2001, convened by UNINETT with support from Nordunet2.

Information services

These days that translates into webstuff. It used to be gopher and email infoservers and other glorious outdated technology. Having worked with those solutions I consider web the best thing since sliced bread.


Life is more than work, play and singing and smiling and walking in the sun and reading books and reading newspapers and reading articles and reading more books and skiing and being happy.

Other stuff

Is only available in Norwegian, exept for a nice picture of my husband and me on our wedding day in traditional wedding costumes from Western Norway.


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Ingrid Melve
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